Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Baby Art Nerd Has Arrived!


So you may have noticed that I didn’t post at all in May and that I’ve skipped the last 2 ArtSmart Roundtables. That’s because Baby Art Nerd arrived in early May, just over a week early which I wasn’t expecting since everyone told me you’re late with your first.

In fact, I was getting ready to go shopping for last minute baby stuff and make a few more freezer treats when my water broke (something else that actually doesn’t happen all that often). I had the “birth plan” of go to hospital, have baby, but I had hoped to avoid a lot of interventions and the epidural if it was possible. It wasn’t. I had to be induced, then I had back labor, then Baby Art Nerd was face up so he got stuck, so I ultimately had a c-section after a rather short (for a first timer) labor of 12-13 hours with 4 hours of pushing.


Ultimately, Baby Art Nerd arrived safe and sound, and we’ve both recovered nicely since his birth almost a month ago. I’ve decided to keep him anonymous and faceless on the site and most social media (except for real Facebook friends). I don’t want him to have a huge internet trail of photos before he even knows what that means.

Duck 1994 by Patrick Caulfield 1936-2005 via Tate

Duck 1994 by Patrick Caulfield 1936-2005 via Tate

He has lived up to his nickname already. In the hospital, we showed him the abstract photography on the walls of the corridors while I got some exercise to help heal. There was also an Uzbek tapestry that he liked to look at. And now that we’re home, I’ve been showing him black and white art cards from Art for Baby. His favorite is Patrick Caulfield’s Ducks.

Posting will be sporadic for the next few months. It’s hard to take photos while out and about and wrangling a carrier and diaper bag, and I’m usually trying to catch up on laundry or dishes while he’s napping. Maybe when he’s older, I’ll post more often, but he’s my priority at the moment (and I’m working from home a few hours during my leave, too).


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    Amanda @amandaelsewhere — September 10, 2014 @ 10:29 pm

    Don’t know how I missed this… Congratulations! Hope you’re enjoying every minute of new motherhood!
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