Monday, September 16, 2013

Things I Miss Now that I Live in Boston

I’m a slow-mad.

I’ve moved far more than your average non-military/government official’s kid. A few years in Pennsylvania, a quick stop in Minnesota, a smattering of time in South Carolina, several years in Georgia, a handful in Tennessee, and now I’ve been in Massachusetts for over a year and a half. WHEW!

There are MANY, MANY things I love about Boston/Cambridge. Actual seasons, public transportation, the ability to bike or walk without risking certain death, a billion Indian restaurants, and multiple museums to name a few. There are MANY, MANY things I don’t miss like 5 months of heat and humidity, cicadas, college football as a religion, did I mention heat and humidity?

But there are some things I miss from spending 17 years in the South. Things I didn’t expect to miss, things I didn’t realized I liked so much, and things that are available in many places outside of the South but not here.



I had to find a meat-and-three venture owned by a former Nashvillian to get an okay biscuit. These were a bit on the dry side, but they’re soft and flaky. No doughy or bready excuse of a biscuit. I shouldn’t have experienced the wonders of Loveless Cafe in Nashville or Flying Biscuit in Atlanta because I am jaded now. Nothing can get close to those bars.



Boston, why in God’s name does your supposedly best BBQ spot charge nearly $20 for a plate of pulled pork?????  It DOES NOT cost that much to make. All I want is pulled meat that’s not soaked in artificial smoke or a kajillion dollars. Blue Ribbon isn’t bad, but their sides aren’t my cup of tea. Someone, make a proper corn pudding or vinegar slaw or hushpuppies that are round. I would kill for a Redneck Taco from Martin’s BBQ.


Not a Southern thing, but did you know that happy hour is illegal in Massachusetts? You can get discounted food during “happy hour”, but you cannot get discounted drinks. Apparently a woman got grossly over-served at a happy hour in the 80s which led to a horrific car accident. So Massachusetts chose to take the Footloose route and ban them for everyone. Yeah, I couldn’t buy booze on Sunday (SC and GA) or I had to go to one side of the store for beer then pay and use a separate entrance to another side for wine (TN), but at least I could have a discounted beer after work. Sigh…



That thing in the snow behind the rake? That’s a car antenna or a windshield wiper.

In the South, if it even THREATENS to snow, things will shut down/close early/open late. I was sent home from school for flurries. Snow people may scoff, but there’s really nothing to move the snow. Atlanta has maybe 4 plows for the entire city. There’s not a lot of salt, so sand is used to give traction. Which does not help in an iced over apartment parking lot. The snow itself isn’t the problem as much as the ice is. It was nice to never really venture out if it was icy because you knew it would melt fairly quickly. Here? We run out of room to put the snow. You can’t walk because there are piles of snow on sidewalk intersections, but you can’t park because the snow drift prevents you from opening your door. But no one cares unless it’s Nemo.

An addition to this would also be not having to wear a coat with feathers in it. I survived happily with just a pea coat.

If you’ve moved a lot, what do you miss from your previous home?

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2 Responses to “Things I Miss Now that I Live in Boston”

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    Hogga — September 19, 2013 @ 9:29 am

    the shovelling is the worst, but Boston is still amazing!

    • ehalvey replied: — September 21st, 2013 @ 4:25 pm

      I need to strength train for the shoveling.

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