Thursday, October 13, 2011

Sloco Coming to 12 South

The sandwich line

The members of the Nashville Food Bloggers Forum were given the opportunity to sample sandwiches from Sloco yesterday as a preview and way to make any tweaks before they open next week.  Might I say, this was an amazing idea.  Who better to use as market research than people who love and know their food?  Chef Jeremy Barlow, of Tayst, is opening a sandwich shop in 12 South, is the same building as Las Paletas and Burger Up, with a focus on local, sustainable ingredients.  However, this isn’t slow food.  Sloco wants to give you the food of the slow food movement quickly.  Your pastrami may have cured for seven days, but your sandwich should take just a few minutes to assemble.  It opens to the public on October 18th.  You should definitely check them out!

Sloco's credo


Quick prep a la Chipotle

The inside is a beautiful rustic industrial look but pared down even further than other local spots.  The bright white walls, the hanging chili peppers, and the vivid sauces and spices on the shelves make you want to eat everything.  There are three vegan sandwiches on the menu, 7 meat filled ones, and 2 kids’ sandwiches.  Plus gluten-free bread is available as well.  The prices are in the Panera to Provence range, $6.50-$8, and they do NOT skimp on the ingredients.  However, it’s not just 6 pounds of meat on some bread. Barlow really aims to get the right mix of flavors, like on my ham and cheese, with fresh bread and seasonal veggies.

This relish is amazing!!!

The ham and cheese consists of sorghum cured ham (not the deli ham you normally get), tomme cheese, tomato, greens, pickled relish that is to die for, and mayo (that I never tasted which is good because I hate mayo) on a sub finished with oil and vinegar.  I really could have just had the relish as a sandwich and would have happily paid $7.50 for it.  My only complaint was that I couldn’t taste or even really see any cheese.  It could be a ham and veggie sandwich without much difference in taste.  Be sure to try the Chilean lime potato chips while you’re there. YUM!  I think Sloco is going to stand the test of time in the ever-changing foodscape of 12 South.


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