Friday, September 10, 2010

Chowing Down in Chinatown

I used to LOVE Chinese food. I would go to Chinese restaurants every now and then for birthdays when I was younger. Then, everything changed after visiting my friend’s father’s (no longer extant) restaurant in Birmingham. That’s when I realized that all the Chinese dishes I had before were just greasy crap compared to this yumminess. So I resigned myself to knowing that Chinatowns and having my Chinese buddies cook were my only options for GOOD food. Problem: there aren’t many Chinatowns in the South, and all my friends live in other places.

Therefore, who was stoked about eating in THE Chinatown in SF last weekend-ME!!!!!!!!!!

We went to a spot called House of Nanking. Parties are seated in order of availability versus first-come-first-serve, but luckily, we didn’t have to wait outside long. We decided to go family style after perusing the menu with our Tsingtaos. Our menu:

Onion pancake with satay sauce. Heaven! That sauce was incredible. Fried onion anything is always good. Though I have no idea how one eats this with chop sticks.

Pork potstickers. Not greasy, not slimy. Just right.

Garlic noodles. They ran out of regular noodles so we had pasta noodles instead. It came with pea shoots on top.

Crispy pea shoots. On par with the crispy spinach I had at Rasika! Hello pound of pea shoots.

Beef with rice wraps, green onion and some other green vegetable. I could eat the whole plate.

Sesame chicken. My fave dish as a kid. Sooooooooo gooooooooood!!

My friends also had salt and pepper shrimp, but I removed myself from that seafood party. I don’t do seafood, sorry.

It was delicious, quick, and cheap. Thumbs up!!

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