Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gojo Ethiopian Cafe and Restaurant

I had kind of written off Ethiopian as one of the few cuisines that I’m not a fan of (others being Cajun, a lot of soul/Deep South food, and that’s about it), but my man was introduced to it in DC. He’s a fan now and had a hankering for some over weekend. So we went to Gojo. This was the second time going here and the third time I’ve had Ethiopian ever.

We tried the Teemateem Salad for a starter. It was chopped tomatoes tossed in olive oil and lemon juice with ground flax seed on top. It was very refreshing and light. A side of injera bread came with it since that’s your only utensil unless you ask for some. Injera was the first thing that put me off of Ethiopian when I first tried it. The texture is pretty odd, like a spongy sourdough tortilla. And the place that I tried in Atlanta had a gray cast to their injera. Not very appetizing. I gave it another shot, and Gojo’s injera isn’t bad. It’s not a texture that you have every day, but the flavor and color weren’t wonky.

My man got the Deqa which is minced beef sauteed in hot sauce, butter, and onions. I got the Shiro Wet which was mashed chickpeas with spices. We shared it on a huge round of injera and had a scoop of Miser Wet (lentils in a tomato based sauce) and a potato dish. I wasn’t a fan of the potatoes, but everything else was very nice. We happily scooped up our dinners with injera and mixed and matched dishes. I washed all of it down with some Ethiopian tea. It’s like chai tea minus the milk. Yum!

Overall, the food and service is good here. The building is very nondescript, and the decor is very simple. Easy parking, helpful staff, and no wait made it a great Saturday dinner choice. Photos from their website.

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