Saturday, June 5, 2010

Martin’s BBQ

Mmmm, barbeque. We made the trip down to Nolensville a couple days ago to try them out. It was definitely worth the travel time! I got the brisket redneck taco which consisted of a cornbread pancake with brisket, coleslaw, and sauce on top. Yum! The portion was the perfect size, and I really liked the cole slaw. It had purple cabbage and carrots as well as the usual green cabbage, and the dressing was tangy and more than just some mayo slapped in some cabbage. The brisket chunks were a little unwieldy with only a plastic fork. I think I’ll get turkey next time. It was nice and smoky, but I don’t like that much fat in my meat. My man got the pork with beans and fries. He loved the fries which where 5 Guys-esque, and he inhaled the pork. We both liked that the sauce was already on the meat instead of coming out plain with 6 sauces to pick from. Martin’s is clearly confident that their sauce is a universal crowd pleaser. If only they were closer to town, but we’ll be back!

Image from here. My corncake was golden unlike the image, and it came with way more meat and coleslaw.

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