Monday, May 31, 2010

Burger Up

The restaurant is in a corner of a new multi-use loft complex in 12 South. I apparently missed the memo about it being a hipster magnet, but the decor wasn’t the ironic hipster stuff you’d see at Urban Outfitters. Instead, there were lots of exposed wood beams and industrial chairs. I liked the big, long banquet style seating in the middle. There are smaller tables around the perimeter and a patio. The bar is a major focal point, and it has a very sleek look. My only issue with the layout us that the host/ess table is basically in the door so you can easily get missed if there’s a group of people coming in.

To quote A Christmas Story, the burgers at Burger Up are “indescribably beautiful.” I got the Woodstock, which is essentially a bacon cheeseburger. Only better. On the homemade bun, sits a normal sized patty (the size of a hockey puck) with Benton’s bacon, Cabot’s White Cheddar, and their special Jack Daniel’s maple ketchup. The bun was soft yet sturdy enough to hold the taste party going on, the burger was moist but not greasy, the bacon was super smoky and crispy, the cheese was sharp, and the maple in the ketchup was the perfect foil to the smokiness and sharpness. I got the truffled fries (an extra dollar instead of regular fries) which came with a Dijon aioli. I normally am not a fan of aioli because I hate mayo, but this was sweet, spicy, and had a more dressing-like consistency. The fries looked handcut, and they were soft and brown with a splash of truffle oil and some salt. I liked that they came in a little steel cup, like an offering to the potato god.

My man got the lamb burger, minus the Dijon aioli since he hates mustard. It came with arugula and homemade boursin cheese, and he went with the regular fries which came with the JD ketchup. According to him, it was delicious but PM still took top prize. I might need to try it next time. I think the aioli might be a crucial component to it.

Other perks and things to know: they actually have Guinness on draft! Ask for the bartender to do a double pour if you get it though, I saw him only do one pull. Not the same-you can really taste the difference. They have some awesome looking cocktails, locally made gelato, and some other sides that looked quite tempting. We both asked for our burgers to be medium, but neither had any pink. They weren’t charred either, but closer to medium well than medium. The owner stopped by our table to check on us, and our server was nice but not hovering.

Two thumbs up for Burger Up.

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