Monday, April 26, 2010

Indian in Nashville

Well, I seem to be on a foodie kick so I’m going to go with it. Plus I’m hungry.

Indian food is probably tied for my favorite kind of food on the planet (with Italian). Therefore, we have tried several restaurants here in Nashville. We’ve gone to Sitar, Shalimar, Cuisine of India, Bombay Palace, and Woodlands. I tried Shalimar once for take out, and I was disappointed with the quality, portions, and price. The aloo gobi tasted like nuked frozen cauliflower with a sprinkle of curry powder for like $9!! I might give them another shot since I literally work across the street. Cuisine of India has closed, but we liked their thali platters. They weren’t amazing but not bad either.

That leaves us with the big 3. Sitar used to be our replacement for Bhojanic. I even had my 24th birthday dinner there. Everything was pleasant except for parking. The food was nice, the staff were friendly, but I honestly can’t remember an outstanding dish from there. Then we decided to try Bombay Palace on a lark. OMG. THIS is our replacement for Bhojanic. Their chicken tikka masala, butter chicken, desi chicken, and lamb dishes are heavenly. Samosas=cracktastic. The staff is incredibly polite and helpful.

During Lent, we decided to try Woodlands since it’s completely vegetarian-the smell of lamb at Bombay Palace would tempt me too much. Woodlands is South Indian whereas the rest are primarily North Indian. I have to say, in general, I favor North Indian for the spiciness and meat. However, the samosa chaat at Woodlands makes up for no meat. Literally, crack on a plate. Like I want some right now. It’s chopped up samosas with these little crispy bits, chutneys, and raita on top. That somehow looks like 7 layer bean dip. My man likes the masala dosa, and I enjoyed the channa masala. I’m not a huge fan of dosai, but he LOVED them. My only complaint is that medium spicy at Woodlands must be on some other scale because arrabiata sauce has more spice. Well, two complaints, there’s no alcohol menu that I could find, I think it’s BYOB. Aside from that, they’re very yummy.
Image from The Curry Project, my new favorite.

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